22nd of November 2017



Database software for people in business

 Our time recording software has been designed for use in accountancy practices with first-hand knowledge of 'work-in-progress' systems.

 If you're charging by the Billable Hour or on a Fixed Fee basis, we have a Time Recording System to meet your requirements.

 Swapping to Time Recording couldn't be easier; simply enter your clients and then take your Opening Balances and enter them into the programme.*

Businesses that bill by the hour must be able to record their time and fees quickly and accurately to ensure that they maintain control over their business and remain profitable. Time Basic, TimeExpense and FixedFee Time Recording software give them the tools to carry out this process quickly and easily.

Management can access critical information about their business including monitoring employee productivity and client profitability as well as obtaining information about likely cash flows and analysing work in progress. All in all, an excellent management reporting tool.

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We, at T. Bookman Limited, have approached the design of our Time Recording systems with accountants in mind. 

We have first hand experience of using other time and billing programmes in practice.  We know how to make it easier for someone to post their time and get the information they regularly need quickly and easily.

Our approach to design means that you and your staff reap the benefits of our programmes ease of use and experience the power of the analysis of all the work that you do on behalf of your clients.

*Note If you can get your client names, addresses etc. into Microsoft Excel format, we may be able to import them for you prior to sending the programme out to you.

There is a small charge for this service - £30 plus VAT

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